Florida Will Forms

Rather than using an attorney to draft their Last Will and Testament, many have turned to using Florida Will Forms. A Florida Will Template can help you plan your estate and write your own Will without the costs of a lawyer.

Will and Testament Florida: Do-It-Yourself Will Forms

There are different kinds of Florida last will and testament forms available. The templates largely vary according to your family situation. For example, there are forms for single adults with children, single adults without children, married adults with or without children, Wills which include a trust for minors and even Florida Will Forms for divorced persons.

Will and Testament Florida: Which Form Should I Use?

Use the form which best relates to your specific circumstances. Some providers may only sell a generic Florida legal Will. Try to find providers which have detailed forms for your particular situation. For example, if you are single with adult children, find a Florida legal Will Form which accounts for this situation.

If you have minor children, use a Florida last Will which includes a trust for the children. Persons under the age of eighteen years cannot receive property until they reach their majority. If you don’t create a trust in your Florida Last Will and Testament, your children will have to wait until they are 18 to receive any benefit of the funds. By creating a trust, you can designate a trustee (the person to manage the funds for the benefit of your children). You can also nominate an older age for your children to receive the funds outright.

A Florida Will Form is not just for parents. Adults without children can either use a generic Florida Will template or, if married, they should use a form particular to that status.

Will and Testament Florida: Warning

Watch out, there are pitfalls when using a standard Florida Will Form. Many of the forms available are based on certain assumptions. For example, if you’re married with adult children, the form assumes you wish to leave all your estate to your husband or wife and then to your children in the event that your spouse dies before you.

Most Florida Will forms also have standard residual clause provisions. For example, if you leave your estate to your children, the Will form usually stipulates that grandchildren are to receive ‘by representation’ or ‘per stirpes’. This means grandchildren receive their deceased’s parents share. If you prefer residual gifts to be ‘per capita’ (ie: every grandchild receives equally) then you would need to amend the template or use an alternative Florida Last Will Form.

Will and Testament Florida: Samples

Before rushing in to complete your Florida legal Will, make sure you view some samples. A sample Florida Will can show you how others filled out the necessary sections. It’s best to refer back to these guides when filling out your own Florida Will. If you become unstuck or if you feel the form does not adequately cater for your needs, it may be best to see an attorney for advice.

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